FBI, Apple hunt down hacker of celeb iCloud accounts

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LOS ANGELES, CA – The FBI and Apple are hot on the cyber trail of the person or persons responsible for hacking into the iCloud and ripping off hundreds of photos belonging to celebs like Kate Upton.

She’s the latest to admit being a victim. Her attorney saying the hack attack is “an outrageous violation” of privacy, and that Upton will go after anyone distributing or duplicating the images.

Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence says the same thing, while others say the photos are fake.

The hacker, known as Anonymous, or “The Original Guy”, on message boards, has apparently gone underground as he moves to another cyber location.

In one post he says the hack took several months with the help of many people.

He is also taking the online currency Bitcoin as payment for the files. He apparently tried to get Jennifer Lawrence to pay him in Bitcoins for the return of her photos.

For a while, Bryan Hamade, a 27-year-old software engineer from Georgia, was suspected of being The Other Guy, but he says he’s not him, that he’s just the knucklehead who tried to sell fake nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence.

Meantime, a lot of young celebs won’t be sleeping well, because The Other Guy claims to have more images, and from the looks of things, some of the stars may not want their mamas to see ‘em.

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