Is height linked to a successful marriage?

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HOUSTON, TX - Do tall men get the short end of the stick? When it comes to divorce, new research from New York University, suggests they do.

NYU sociologists claim between 1986 and 2011 there was a link between a man's height and divorce. The short story is, short men were less likely to divorce.

If you’re wondering what constitutes "short" it's 5'7" and under. "Tall" is classified as 6'1"and over. Anything in the middle is considered "average."

Using the Panel Study of Income Dynamics, which has tracked 4,500 families since 1968, researchers determined tall men get hitched when they’re young to women their age who are better educated. In contrast, short men tie the knot later in life to less educated and younger women.

The long and short of it, between 1986 and 2011, short men were 32% less likely to divorce. Most Houstonian we spoke with didn't beleive the study. In short, this study seems more like a tall tale.

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