50 signs that you`re officially a Dallasite

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DALLAS, TX - Ever wonder how one might fare living in Dallas? The Dallas Observer listed the 50 signs that you`re officially a resident of Dallas. Here`s some highlights.

If you`re still not sure what a recycle bin is for, then you officially live in Dallas.

If you run over a pedestrian, shrug and hope nobody noticed, then you officially live in Dallas.

If you recently said the words "Frisco’s actually pretty cool, you guys,' then you officially live in Dallas

If your monthly toll fees are more than your car payment, then you officially live in Dallas

And, if you have a heap of ashes in your fireplace that's mostly Tony Romo jerseys, then you definitely live in Dallas

More than 17,000 kids in Dallas ISD didn`t learn anything on the first day of school...they didn`t even show up.  And that`s like 11 percent of the district, way up from over 15,000 last year. Not a good look there, Dallas.

And finally, rats are welcome in Dallas...and we`re not talking about the residents. They’re a huge increase in rat break-ins this summer. A wildlife animal control company say they`re getting dozens of rodent calls each week. And according to DFW-based Animal Services Inc. These kind of rats thrive in places like trash bins and gross corners of homes. Makes sense...they`d be right at home there. You Stink? Dallas?

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