911 audio released from AZ gun range shooting

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PHOENIX, AZ - It was an attempt at gun safety that backfired.

Who can forget the video of the 9-year old girl being taught to shoot an Uzi at an Arizona gun range by instructor Charles Vacca? When she goes to shoot the automatic weapon on her own, she loses control,  shooting and killing Vacca.

We could all imagine the moments of pure horror that followed the tragic accident, but now we're hearing the 911 audio, first hand.

CALLER: Yeah, we need an ambulance to the Last Stop -- 20606 North U.S. Highway 93 -- immediately. We got somebody who got shot.

911 OPERATOR: Somebody got shot at the Last Stop?

CALLER: Yes! Please send an ambulance, ASAP.

CALLER: Where's he shot.

BYSTANDER: Right in the head, dude.

CALLER: He's shot in the head.


CALLER:  I've got 911 on the phone. They're on the way.

911 OPERATOR: We're getting a reporting of an accidental shooting at the Last Stop, subject was shot at the gun range by a mistake."

According to a police report released by the Mohave County Sheriff's Department, immediately after firing the Uzi the little girl said the gun hurt her, saying it "was too much for her."  That statement seems to be the first thing coming out of this tragedy, that's right on target.

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