California man accused of knowingly spreading HIV to partner

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IMPERIAL BEACH, CA - These days it seems you can't trust anyone and in some cases, not even your own partner.

Thomas Miguel Guerra of Imperial Beach, California, is accused of knowingly infecting his now ex-boyfriend with HIV.

According to court papers, the 29-year-old assured his partner that he was HIV negative when they started dating last April.

Of course, Guerra claims he didn't know he had it, but that's not what his ex-boyfriend is saying.

He says he found texts, videos and emails that show Guerra knew he was infected since 2007.

Because of all of this, a judge has ordered Guerra to stay off all dating sites, especially Grindr, a gay dating app.

If he's convicted, he could face six months in jail and a thousand dollar fine.

So for now, looks like his "bumping and grinding" has come to a halt.

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