Father of Ted Cruz says “the average black does not” understand minimum wage is bad

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SUGARLAND, TX - Sometimes what we say gets lost in how we say it.

Rafael Cruz, father of Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz, is finding that out first hand. The popular blog BuzzFeed posted a video of papa Cruz speaking at the Western Williamson Republican Club two weeks ago.

Rafael was discussing an African American journalist who writes that minimum wage is bad for the country, a fairly common conservative viewpoint. But then daddy Cruz said this African American understands that, 'but the average black does not.'

Houstonians we talked to were shocked. Nikki Berry told us, “To even make a statement that the average black doesn`t understand anything is just wrong.”

“I think he needs to go out and ask a few black people that question and see if we actually understand, and clarify that situation,” commented Chris Johnson.

Possible 2016 presidential hopeful senator Ted Cruz spoke at a legislative update at the University of Houston, Sugarland campus.

The senator updated those gathered on his position on ISIS, Obamacare, and his interpretations of the actions of the current administration.

As far as what his father had to say, Ted said, “It`s a funny thing, there are folks particularly on the internet, that love nothing more than launching hateful attacks on my father… The non-partisan CBO estimated that if we raise the minimum wage, as President Obama wants to do, then up to one million Americans will lose their jobs, will be fired from their jobs. And a great many of them will be low income minorities.”

Whether that's true or not, daddy dearest isn't doing any favors for his senator son.

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