Snoop Dogg crashes Hindu wedding

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CHICAGO, IL - Over Labor Day weekend, Chris Seibel was shooting a Hindu wedding at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago when Snoop Dogg and his entourage arrived.

Seibel says, "He was wearing a purple and gold jumpsuit, you knew it was him."

The groom's mother told Seibel she's Snoop's biggest fan so Seibel says, "She's like I'll do whatever it takes, you got to get him in on the wedding."

Seibel worked his magic and Snoop Dogg was dropped in like hot at the wedding reception, and he even posed for pictures.

"Snoop was laughing so much because my bride and groom wouldn't get close to him, they were so nervous. We took a couple shots and he's like hey dog and he reaches in his pocket grabs his cell phone and he wanted me to take a couple shots with his own cell phone so that was quite an honor, too."

Snoop was one wedding crasher that didn't get a bad "rap."

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