Asteroid will zip by Earth on Sunday

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NEW ZEALAND - Attention Earthlings! Brace yourself for a 'Close Encounter' on Sunday. Not of the third kind, but of the asteroid kind!

Don't worry. It won't be Earth-shattering, but it will be a close shave!

According to NASA, a newly-discovered, house-sized space rock, 2014 RC, will buzz by our planet about 21,000 miles from the surface.

That's closer than some satellites, and ten times closer than the moon!

At 2:18pm eastern Sunday, September 7th, it will pass over New Zealand.

If you're wondering why the short notice, it's because 2014 RC was just discovered on August 31 by the Catalina Sky Survey near Tucson, Arizona.

Hard to imagine that these types of things can go unnoticed, but sometimes they sneak up on us.

Just like that one did in Russia back in 2013.

2014 RC will not impact Earth this time, but its orbit will bring it back around to our neighborhood in the future.

You never know what might happen then.