Memphis burglar gets caught after taking selfie

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MEMPHIS, TN - And now it`s time for the Selfie Tip O` the Day.

It comes to us from Memphis, Tennessee, where Sim Arnett is happy for *stupid* selfies.

That`s because a selfie that turned up on his cell phone led to the guy who tried to steal $16,000 from Arnett`s 97-year-old dad.

Arnett took his elderly mom out of town, and left his dad at home alone. When they got back, his dad was okay, but Arnett`s tablet was gone.

The next day, Arnett found strange selfies on his cell phone, selfies of his dad`s neighbor holding forged checks written to himselfie.

That`s because Arnett synced his tablet to his cell phone. And now Cleo Moore is not a free man any more, charged with aggravated burglary and forgery.

Too bad there`s no crime for stupidity.

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