Obama’s plan to take out ISIS includes snarky propaganda video

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WASHINGTON, DC – President Obama seems to be putting the finishing touches on a plan to snuff out the Islamic State, or ISIS.

Sources say the first phase calls for air strikes against ISIS in Iraq.

Check. Done that.

The next phase involves training, advising, and equipping the Iraqi army and any group willing to take the fight to ISIS.

That could happen this week.

After that, look for air strikes against ISIS in Syria, assuming the Syrian government will allow it, which is iffy at best.

Some Pentagon officials apparently think the whole plan could take a minimum of three years.

The president is scheduled to lay this all out for congressional leaders before addressing the nation Wednesday, the eve of the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks.

But military might for right is not the only tool available to the Obama administration. The State Department hopes a propaganda video will make people think twice before signing up.

They must think ISIS recruits and terrorist wannbes understand political sarcasm with images of bombed mosques and the crucifixion and execution of fellow Muslims.

The video is also supposed to appeal to their environmentally sensitive side, and to point out that joining up with ISIS requires only a one-way ticket.

But then, they probably already know that, like Abdul Waheed Majid, a British citizen, and a suicide bomber who killed himself during an al-Qaeda raid on a Syrian prison.

He’s just another example of how it’s hard to reason with someone ready, willing, and able to kill himself and take you with him.