Consumers in Washington taking the hit over high pot prices

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VANCOUVER, WA – When pot became legal in the state of Washington, folks there thought prices would go down.

But no, pot prices are still higher than a stoner on a Saturday night.

And that’s led to something pretty weird in the world of weed; people going to court to protest the cost of getting high.

Attorney Liz Hallock says supply and demand are not the reasons for high prices. "The charges are unfair competition, anti-trust. Periphery violations are collusion, and intent to price fix."

A gram of Washington weed costs about 35 bucks, but it goes for about 15 bucks in Colorado.

Hallock says larger growers are inflating the prices, smaller producers are falling in line, and consumers are taking the hits.

She says that violates the state’s consumer protection act.

“We have indications that there were actual sit down meetings, producers got together, some of the ring leaders put pressure on others. Not everybody agreed to it.”

If true, that would be a real buzz kill.