ISIS spotted in Houston?

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HOUSTON, TX -  How comfortable would you feel with this car rolling in front of you? It's registered to an address in Houston and the plate says 4-ISIS. It might be totally harmless, honoring the goddess of health, marriage and love. Or it might be a supporter of the terrorists who've been beheading journalists. They're called ISIS, too, short for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

They're known for carrying a black flag, called the 'Black Standard,' or the 'Islamic Caliphate' and it's become the battle flag of Islamic militants hell-bent on killing Americans and anyone else who doesn't follow their rule of law. Now check this out: a photo has surfaced online purportedly taken at a Jason's Deli here in Houston showing a muslim man wearing the same symbol on his clothing. Then there's another one from that supposedly shows another man being arrested by Houston police wearing the same outfit-- this time with an even larger caliphate on the back.

It seems the signs of terrorists are creeping into the city limits. And if you're concerned, you're not alone. the folks at the Department of Motor Vehicles aren't too thrilled either.

"We would try and make a determination as to whether or not it's a reference to an illegal activity," says Jeremiah Kuntz with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, "and terrorism we would feel, falls into that category."

Last week the New York DMV recalled a license plate that read "HAMMAS" with an extra M.

Still images like these taken in our own city make you wonder if ISIS is as far away as it seems.

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