Mattress Mack loses Astros bet

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Houston, TX – It was a home run for their homes.

“We just got our furniture for free!.”

The Astros won their 63rd game of the regular season  and Mattress Mack lost his bet meaning 500 of his customers ended up jumping on their new acquired free furniture because they got a refund.

Ann Randlett says, “We had to wait until they struck out the A’s and they did and yay, we won!”

Before the season, Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale told any family that purchased 6300 dollars or more worth of furniture, that they’d get their money back if the Astros won as many games as they did in 2013 which was 63 wins. From now on, those winning families are going to sleep like babies. Promotions can hurt, but McIngvale doesn’t sound like he will lose any sleep saying, “Yes, it definitely hurt my pocket book, but it increased the customer loyalty to Gallery Furniture. Gallery Furniture is a brand they can trust,”

More than four million dollars worth of bedroom sets, couches, dining tables in not just pennies and who said baseball is boring.

One family said, ” We were not that into baseball, but then this refund, we were definitely watching every game.”

And why the number 63?

McIngvale says, “The Astros had to win 63 games; that meant they wouldn’t lose a hundred games this year.   Number two: I’m 63 years old.”