Organization pushes to make marijuana legal in Texas

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HOUSTON, TX - Pot lovers in Texas have a growing interest in legalizing weed.

Now the 'Marijuana Policy Project' is in town pushing Texas to go green, hoping to change the laws against use or possession.

"Currently, in Texas any amount of marijuana can land you in jail or state prison for a long time, depending on how much marijuana you have," says Rob Kampia, exeutive director of the Marijuana Policy Project.

If Texas decides to roll with Colorado and Washington, and if you're caught burnin' one, forget handcuffs.

Your wallet would take a hit, a civil citation and a fine.

"The police should be spending their time on other crimes, and responsible adults should be able to go into stores and buy marijuana, just like they could buy alcohol."

The organization is also pushing Congress to allow Texans suffering serious illness, to use weed with a doctor's note. That's medical marijuana.

Maybe with groups like this huffin' and puffin', the days of weed being illegal will soon be a hazy memory.