PETA puts up billboard near execution capital of the world

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HUNTSVILLE, TX - Make no bones about it. If you kill someone in Texas, then our state will kill you back. The execution capital of the world just miles away from Houston in Huntsville, and it's a title this state's worked hard to earn.

Now PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals) of all organizations is trying to use the lone star state's reputation as a way to save animal's lives, with a billboard at the intersection of Hutchins Street and St. Joseph Parkway, right on I-45 that reads, "Not Everybody on Death Row Has Committed a Crime. Go Vegan."

The sign left us scratching our heads thinking, if Texans don't have a problem ending a person's life why would they care about saving a piece of bacon, or a pig?

Well, PETA says the animals doomed to a slaughter house are treated inhumanely, which is why they put up the billboard. Food for thought really.

It still begs the question, though, if PETA wants people to stop eating innocent animals, then are they suggesting we start eating guilty death-row inmates instead?

If so, then the vegan diet just became a whole lot more appealing.