Researchers find flatulence can be good thing

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ENGLAND -  You say you love science? Well, hold on to your Bunsen burners because this next "Weird Science" is a gas! A new study finds that smelling "farts" might actually be good for you! Let's cut to the "cheese", uh, we mean "chase"!

Research "released" in a recent issue of "medicinal chemistry communications" suggests that sniffing small doses of hydrogen sulfide, the same foul-smelling stuff found in rotten eggs and "rectal turbulence" can possibly help our cells fight-off disease! Here's how scientists caught "wind" of this mind "blowing" break through.

Eggheads over at the University of Exeter, in England, conducted experiments with mitochondria (which are coincidentally, "bean-shaped" power plants in our bodies that provide cells with energy) and "crop-dusted" the little guys with some hydrogen sulfide. They found the mitochondria that were "ripped" on were happier which in turn made them healthier. The results, "mitochondria are protected and cells stay alive."

Of course, this by no way means you should go around and inhale your friend's "butt burps", nor does it negate the fact the "farts" are toxic in large doses, but it does make you "stink"... umm, we mean "think"!

So the next time you catch a strange wiff inside a crowded elevator, or you're stuck inside a car with a gassy co-pilot, embrace their exhaust and thank them. They might be saving your life.