Winnie the pooch ‘s Ruff Life

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HOUSTON, TX - These puppy dog eyes, floppy ears and happy tail belong to Winnie… the Pooch.

“This is my friend Winnie. She’s a 4-month old lab-mix puppy. Her “ruff life” started when our 24 hour rescue ambulance brought her into the Houston SPCA" explains the Houston SPCA's Meera Nandlal.

Winnie wasn’t wearing tags or micro chipped so we don’t know where’s she’s from or how she was hurt but we do know the poor pup had a dislocated hip and wounds on both her back legs. Until she’s 100% healed she’ll have to wear this stylish e-collar or “cone” to keep her from removing her pretty bandages. Bandages or not though, you can’t keep a frisky pup down.

This snuggle bug will be even happier when she’s allowed to run free. “So hopefully very soon, we can take these bandages off, her hip will be fine and she’ll be off and running and jumping and playing at the dog parks and hanging out with her new family” says Nandlal. A “furr-ever” family might be the only thing that could make Winnie’s tail wag any faster.

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