Another prisoner put to death in Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, TX- Another execution in the books here in Texas.

Willie Tyrone Trottie, 45,  took his last breath in Huntsville Wednesday night; the 516th prisoner in Texas given the lethal injection since 1976.

Trottie was sentenced for a deadly Houston shooting spree back in 1993, that was sparked by a breakup with his girlfriend.

He killed her and her brother, shooting her 11 times, and then killing her brother execution-style.

Trottie's death row case attracted more scrutiny following botched executions earlier this year, including one in Oklahoma where the prisoner took 43 minutes to die because of a poorly placed IV.

Lawyers for Trottie tried to halt his execution, saying the lethal injection drug may have passed its expiration date.

Oklahoma, Texas and other states have been scrambling to find new suppliers and chemical combinations, to get a grip on this deadly drama.

Drugs or not, we're sure the Lone Star state will find a way to keep our morbid title in tact.

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  • shop girl

    Sorry do not think we have a “morbid” title .. let me ask you do you not agree that he should be put to death for killing innocent people? Should we as tax payers just support the low life for his entire life? As far as I am concerned he spent too much time on death row ,there was no doubt as to his guilt he should have been executed within a year !

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