California man is running for Congress, in high heels

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SAN DIEGO, CA – Running for office in high heels is not so unusual, unless you’re an 88-year-old man.

Steven Meade is a candidate for Congress in San Diego, CA. He’s a Republican, and, he’s a cross-dresser.

"I had this woman deep down in my soul and I was afraid she was going to break out and embarrass me,” he explains.

Meade says he's always been a cross-dresser at heart, but didn’t come out until four years ago when he told his wife of 36 years that he always wanted to be buried in a dress, to which she replied: Why wait?

Meade tried to get the party’s endorsement, but officials skirted the issue, saying he didn’t put in a formal request.

"I'm not running for Congress because I dress this way it just so happened that I was dressed this way.”

Who knows? He could be a good bi-partisan candidate. After all, crossing the aisle doesn’t seem to be a problem.