Dallas ranks seventh in nation for worst bed bug infestation

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DALLAS, TX - What`s going on Dallas? Three members of the Tarrant County Peace Streets project arrested? They`re a group that polices cops going around Dallas filming cops in action. This day there were 20 to 25 cop watchers at a routine traffic stop. Seems a bit excessive. Guess the cops didn`t like it either. Watcher Cory Watkins claims this police car almost ran over him and his wife, as they did nothing but film the scene. Not sure who acted worse in this situation but the next time you decide to watch cops, might want to watch yourself too! Ya`ll crazy in Dallas!

Last week, we told you about the loads of rats dropping into Dallas homes. Now cats are clawing onto the scene. These feral felines seem to be taking over Katy Trail in Dallas. But it`s not our furry friends at fault. Hikers are feeding the cats, which creates the not so purrrr-fect situation. The food left behind also attracts possums and raccoons to the trail. Time to clean up your act, Dallas.

And finally, a Terminex survey says Dallas ranks seventh in the nation for worst bed bug infestation. Those creepy crawlers are just biting their way through the city. Come on Dallas, work the bugs out already. We`re itching just thinking about it.