Documentary on Lewisville twin sisters’ murder anything but honorable

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DALLAS, TX -  It’s a tragic story you might remember from 2008. Two young girls killed at the hand of their own father. To this day, he remains on the run.

“We came across this story and felt that something had to be done about it,” said director Xoel Pamos.

The 2008 cold-blooded murder of the Lewisville teen sisters, Amina and Sarah Said, is now the focus of a documentary.

“Most importantly, we’re trying to tell the story of Amina and Sara. We don’t want them to be a memory,” added executive producer Neena Nejad.

On Sunday, folks filled the Lakewood Theater in Dallas for the Price of Honor world premiere.

This film documents the life of the Said sisters and the gruesome murder, deemed an honor killing, committed by their Egyptian father Yaser Abdel Said, who still remains at large.

“This film basically portrays what honor killings are”, said producer Sogol Tehrani,  “and how they need to be stopped. They’ve actually moved into the USA.”

The documentary is also said to release new information that has never been brought to the public’s eye.

Money from ticket sales are expected to go toward increasing reward money and support for Yaser’s capture.

Maybe the film will shed light on this dark mystery and bring the Said sisters’ killer to justice.