Five middle school students hospitalized after taking pills

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EL CAMPO, TX - It's the type of "field trip" no parent want their child to go on. Five students from El Campo Middle School had to be airlifted to Children's Memorial Hermann after ingesting pills.

Vivian Garza, a sixth grader, says, "The principal was very worried...and everyone was really worried."

The pills that were consumed are unknown, but what we do know, it was something that made their hearts race, at least that is what the students complained about to school nurses.

El Campo Chief of Police Terry Stanfield says, "Every student that left here, we talked to them and they were alert and able to carry a conversation with us. They were just sweating a bit and complained of elevated heartbeat."

All five students were 8th graders, three boys and two girls, and from the sounds of it, El Campo Police think at least two of the boys who got sick from the pills might be responsible for handing them out.

Concerned parent Lorraine Quintana says, "It's very scary because we really hope that our kids are safe in school and for this to be happening in our school, it's really scary."