Former pastor of mega church says a woman is a home for a penis

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SEATTLE, WA – Another mega-church preacher has taken a fall from grace.

He’s Marc Driscoll, founder of Seattle’s Mars Hill Church. Until recently, the church had 15 branches throughout the Pacific Northwest, but several of those churches have closed because of financial difficulties following Driscoll’s resignation.

Former and current staffers and members accused the rough-talking Driscoll of creating fear within his church, plagiarizing, and possibly stealing church funds.

Some of them have even gone so far as to file a formal complaint.

But, to be fair, not everyone is against Driscoll, as seen by a Facebook page in support of him.

Some people also didn’t like the way he mixed sex, god, and salvation in sermons. And some critics say he cherry-picked scripture to fit his message, like when he advised a woman to tell her husband she’s sorry, and to do it with an oral apology that wasn’t just lip service.

Also, he once told male members that the penis belongs to God, and that it’s just on loan from on high.

He also said a single man’s penis is homeless, but to have sex with another man’s wife is like breaking into another man’s home.

Ironically, Mars Hill was the site in Athens where the apostle Paul preached one of his most famous sermons, only to end up later losing his ministry, along with his head.