One of three women are victims of domestic abuse

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HOUSTON, TX - You've probably already seen the despicable video of NFL running back Ray Rice knocking out his wife and dragging her limp body out of a hotel elevator.

Now for the really scary news, Janay Rice represents 33% of American women. “One out of every three women will be victims of domestic violence in their lifetime” says Sonia Corrales of the Houston Area Women’s Center.

One out of three;  think about that. That could be your mother, your sister or a co-worker.

Corrales. adds, "Domestic violence is a pattern of controlling behaviors and it can take many forms including physical violence, emotional violence, sexual abuse, economic abuse, spiritual abuse.”

Dr. Sandy Murphy knows all about domestic violence. She responded to Ray Rice’s beat down on Janay, with a YouTube video directed at the abuser saying, “Most of the time you don’t mean what you do. I believe that my children’s father who took a 12-gauge shotgun to my face, I don’t believe he meant to do it. It’s just the anger inside of a person that caused him to go through the rage to do what they do.”

“Victims of violence are not to blame and they are not alone" stresses Corrales. There’s also plenty of help available at places like the Houston Area Women’s Center where they provide shelter, counseling, advocacy, case management and a vast array of services. So help is available, but you just have to ask.
Here's a link to their website.