Possible Internet Slowdown sparks big site protests

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WASHINGTON D.C. -- If slow internet makes you a little crazy, then a few popular websites want you to know it could be the way of the future!

It's a money thing.

Big websites like Etsy, Reddit and Netflix say that if the FCC decides to let broadband providers charge for prioritized access to consumers, (which has been proposed), it will effectively create slow lanes of internet traffic.

Here’s how a public service announcement explains it on Vimeo: “This means fast tubes and high quality streaming for companies that can afford it and slow tubes and the buffering wheel of death for companies who can't.”

In protest of the proposal, a number of big sites are posting that buffering wheel of death their homepage today and they're encouraging folks to speak-up.  The FCC is taking public comments now.  So maybe send them an email, while there’s still time.