School claims to be the safest in America

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INDIANAPOLIS, IN - An Indiana high school claims it's the safest school in America.

Dr. Paula Maurer, Superintendent Southwestern High School says, "Without a doubt."

That's because Southwestern High School not only has students practice active shooter drills, it is now armed with a one of a kind security system that networks the school with the sheriff's department.

Maurer says, "In my building, the sheriff's department is aware of what's going on within seconds."

Here's how it works: first, every teacher is required to wear a key fob so if there's a life-threatening emergency, then they press it immediately to notify law enforcement. Then, they report tot the system, whether their class is safe, under attack, or if someone is injured. In seconds, deputies, miles away, have a complete layout of what's going on inside the school. In addition, security cameras and sensors allow police to track the shooter without ever setting foot in the building. If a shooter does reach a classroom, then a hardened door stand in their way.

Maurer says,  "We don't have to wait till the incident really is about over with, which is what was happening before.'"

The Indiana Sheriff's Association has backed the school as a "Best practice solution for school safety."

Maurer says, "'It's here. It's now. We`ve got to do it. Now is the time."

Since the Newtown tragedy and mass shooting in December 2012, there have been 74 shootings at schools.

Hopefully, we've learned new ways to keep our kids safe during the school year.



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  • Ogmios

    What a pity that a school has to go through this kind of thing, because of the NRA’s power over America’s politicians.

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