Small gangsters arrested for causing big problems in Galveston

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GALVESTON, TX - There`s an infestation on Galveston Island. They`re overrun with gang rats, but these aren't the kind of gangsters you might envision.
They`re mini-gangsters, some as young as 11 years old, but they pose a big danger, running around with guns and drugs.

"They're actually doing armed robberies, I mean, they were perpetrating some serious crimes in our community." explained Galveston's Police Chief Harry Porretto.

They`re known as the Omega Crips, and they are an organized street gang linked to the nationally organized gang known as the 'Crips.' A pack of 15 was tracked down and thrown into the slammer.

Cops say the gang members are responsible for a slew of crimes like aggravated robberies, car burglaries and drug possession.

"Targeting citizens initially with burglaries, then they kind of graduated to where they were doing strong-arm robberies." according to Galveston P.D. Officer Clint Stevens.

For now the gang rats have been washed out to sea, but let`s hope the tide doesn`t bring them back.