Floods and flares dominating weather on Earth

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MEMPHIS, TN – Don’t look now, but there might be something, or someone, doing strange things to our weather.

Flash flooding forced folks from their homes in Memphis, TN. Some had to be plucked out of the water by rescue boats. Thirteen people ended up stranded in their cars when high waters surrounded them.

In Southaven, Mississippi, floodwaters covered whole neighborhoods trapping people in their homes.

In northern Japan, heavy rains forced more than 900,000 people to leave their homes. And in Pakistan, floods killed at least 450 people, and caused more than 700,000 to leave their homes.

Back in the USA, September snow turned the Black Hills of South Dakota white, while four inches of snow covered parts of southwest Montana.

And people in Chicago and Indianapolis may see a sky show this weekend. Northern Lights, not usually seen that far south, are the result of a couple of massive solar flares just now hitting Earth.

A little light show to lighten the mood.

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