Houston’s favorite BBQ place turns 50

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HOUSTON, TX - You know what they say: 'You are what you eat.' And around here, we're a bunch of pigs.

Oh yeah. Pigs, cows, and definitely a bunch of chickens. But in a state where the official meat is barbecue, what more could you expect?

Welcome to Demeris Barbecue.

"My dad was 18 when he came over from Greece," Yonny Demeris says, "didn't speak a word of English, didn't finish high school, went to work for a guy, Steve Caloudas downtown, owned Steve's BBQ."

Demeris got its start when Gus Demeris broke away from Steve's and opened a place of his own -- enlisting everyone in the family, including the kids, to put on an apron and get to work.

"I enjoyed waking up in the morning and going to work with dad," Yonny says, "and putting the apron on and being like him."

That was in 1964. And it's an effort that's paid off. Chew on This: Demeris Barbecue is turning 50-years-old this year. And in a business where the average life expectancy is only three years, that's an amazing record. The family credits their success to hard work and consistency.

"No matter what the cost is, you don't switch brisket just because the price of the particular type of brisket we buy goes up," Yonny Emphasises, "you stick with it and it makes a difference."

And after fifty years of grilling 'em up, smoking 'em out, bringing 'em in and chowing 'em down, that's information you can take to the bank.

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