More nations commit to fight ISIS as US puts eyes in the Syria skies

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BAGHDAD, IRAQ – And now today’s installment of Dateline Terror: All eyes on ISIS.”

Dateline: Baghad, where French president Francois Hollande promises Iraq’s new prime minister France will provide air support for Iraqi troops fighting the Islamic State, or ISIS.

Dateline: Ankara, where Secretary of State John Kerry is talking turkey with the country’s leaders. They don’t want to let the US and other nations to use Turkey air bases to launch strikes against ISIS, afraid the terror group will kill Turkish hostages. Kerry is also pledging $500 million, plus a whole bunch of humanitarian aid to help Syrians suffering from their three-year civil war.

Dateline: Jeddah, which is not to be confused with Jedi, although Kerry was in Saudi Arabia using some mind tricks to convince Persian Gulf leaders to join hands to beat off ISIS. Nine of them are okay with that, but they don’t want to commit any troops.

Dateline: Syria, where Uncle Sam has eyes in the skies, looking for potential ISIS terror targets, hoping they’ll be out in the open, sitting ducks for US missiles and bombs.

Dateline: Washington, DC, where the Central Intelligence Agency has been counting heads and thinks it knows how many ISIS fighters we’ll have to kill.

They say ISIS has between 20,000 and 30,000 fighters. Up to 2,000 of those come from western nations.

And about a dozen are American citizens, with US passports, who can come home at any time, bringing their warped vision for a new world order to their own backyards, and ours.

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