Sign hackers and Palin brawl making news in Alaska

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ANCHORAGE, AK – Ok. So here’s the question: what’s so wrong with saying “money over britches?”

It seems harmless enough, but, unfortunately, that’s not what turned up on an electronic construction sign in Anchorage recently.

Someone hacked into the to change the message to “money over b******.”

A sexually explicit sign also turned up on one of those portable signs near Wasilla, home to former governor Sarah Palin and family.

And that brings us to the latest news about the former first family of Alaska.

The day after Palin was in Spring, Texas, for the Fourth Annual Mighty Oaks Warrior program, she and the clan turned up at a party in South Anchorage that turned into a brawl.

Police, eyewitnesses, and political bloggers seem to agree that people were drinking, punches were thrown, but no charges were filed.

Peter P.W. Ferrero was not so lucky. Cops charged him with stalking Bristol Palin after she came home and found the ex-con in her driveway.

He apparently had been sending her messages on Facebook before deciding to travel from Florida to see her in person.

He probably should have stayed in Florida, because everyone knows that the internet lets you see Alaska from your porch.


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