Swamp pig named in honor of Mick Jagger

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WINSTON-SALEM, NC - Forget a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You know you have made it big when scientists name a swamp pig in your honor.

Mick Jagger, of The Rolling Stones, may be a world-renowned rock star and have more money than God, but do you know why scientists from Wake Forest University to name the newly discovered, 19-million year old species after Mick?

It was Mick's lips that did it.

The fossil's called Jaggermeryx Naida, which translates to "Jagger's Water Nymph."

Mick's not the only celeb with a species namesake, but we won't take the focus off Jagger. For now, it's all about the swamp pigs and Mick.  A man who's practically a fossil himself!

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