Stolen Seahawks garden gnome takes unusual trip home

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TUMWATER, WA - Six months after being stolen from their front yard, Branden and Dana Smith's Seattle Seahawks garden gnome has mysteriously returned home just in time for football season.

The couple was perplexed though on the package that came with the gnome.

"The gnome was sitting on the front doorstep with a pkg underneath him. No note, nothing. Just a package."

In the package was a journal with pictures from places like Yellowstone Park, Las Vegas, and the Grand Canyon. All of them with the gnome featured in the picture.

"They took him on vacation. They literally took him around the western United States."

The mystery as to who originally took the gnome will remain just that but these Seahawks' fans are taking no chances of another trip for the gnome.

"So I don't even want him in the backyard. He gets a permanent spot inside the house."

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