Crimes of convenience don’t pay off

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HOUSTON, Tx. -- We don't suggest illegal activity, but should you decide on a life of crime we've got a few tips on what not to do.

We start with a tale of two boneheaded-burglars in southwest Houston who didn't take time to see the sign, literally. Two men decided to try a smash and grab at the Connect Convenience Store, on Post Oak Road at Anderson Road. Too bad they didn't realize the store was open 24-hours, so when they backed their truck through the front doors of the store they were shocked to see a clerk working behind the counter.

They didn't even take time to get out once they realized they were not alone. They pulled out of the store and drove off. The moral of this story? There's no need to break into what's already open.

Next, we move to the tale of the pancake-predators, in west Houston.

Two men dressed in proper robbery attire venture into the International House of Pancakes, at Washington and the Katy Freeway.

The pair demands money, but unfortunately for the try-hard robbers, this IHOP in particular doesn't have a cash register.

The men start robbing customers, taking any money they can get their grubby little hands on, and then high-tail it out of the restaurant. They haven't been caught yet, but Houston Police Department is looking for them.

The lesson here is that crimes of convenience don't always pay off.

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