Iggy Azaela files lawsuit, Waka Flock Flame hires official blunt roller

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LOS ANGELES, Ca. -- The Bayou City is no stranger to chart-topping artists.  All too often their success comes with a side of beef; as in problems with other musicians.  Kind of like what's going on between Iggy Azalea and her ex, Houston rapper Jefe Wine.

Iggy is suing him for allegedly threatening to release songs they worked on together, and she says those were never intended to be released.

She says Jefe forged a contract, signing over her rights to any music the couple created together.  Her lawyers say it's a forged signature.

This lovers-quarrel comes after news that the couple has a sex tape out there, but Iggy says it doesn't exist. It will be up to the courts to wrap up this mess.

Speaking of wrapping; Hollywood actor, Seth Rogen may be an 'official blunt roller' for rapper Waka Flocka Flame.

That's right.  On social media, the artist said he'd pay $50,000 a year for a blunt roller using the "#ICANROLL."

Seth responded, telling Waka to hit him up.  Fifty-thousand a year?  With a name like Waka Flocka "Flame", he must have money to burn.

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