Artificial sweeteners may lead to diabetes

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ISREAL - It seems there`s always a new study that comes out and ruins your day.
This one from the Weizmann Institute in Israel claims artificial sweetners may lead to diabetes. Is nothing sacred? Or in this case Saccharined?

"They`re non-caloric, they don`t raise your blood sugar but what they`re saying is, there`s a downstream effect that is actually causing you to be more insulin resistant and then that raises your blood sugar in a roundabout way." explaind Kelly Wirfel, MD with UTHealth Medical School.

It all comes down to your gut! Apparently gut microbes in some folks lead them down the road to diabetes, while others may not have to worry about it.

The study is in its early stages and inconclusive, but leaves us with one more thing to worry about.

"As a fitness trainer I actually recommend against it. There are many things that we`ve learned over the past years as far as artificial sweeteners and cancer, but it actually tricks the body into believing that you need more sugar and it tends to increase the cravings throughout the day." said Jade Gold.

Some would rather just leave it to nature.

"If you can keep things natural, you can probably avoid some trouble." according to Aramis Morales.

Or just keep it bland.

"I teach my patients, water is best. Get rid of artificial sweeteners, you don`t need sugar in your coffee or tea. Add lemon, add something different." said Dr. Wirfel.

So without the fake sweeteners, you'll have to depend on yourself to be sweet.