Clemson pulls out early on sex questions for students, faculty

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CLEMSON, SC – It might be hard to believe, but there are some things that schools still can’t seem to get right.

Clemson University officials are having second thoughts about their plan to require their students, faculty, and staff to come clean about sex, as in who they do it with and how.

All public universities have to provide training about sexual harassment and sexual misconduct as part of the federal Title IX requirements.

But reports say Clemson administrators may have thrust too deeply into the topic when they said punishment awaited those who failed to obey their orders.

One of the things Clemson wanted to know was how many times people had sex, and what kind, in the past three months.

Clemson also wanted to know how many sex partners their tigers had, and how they did it.

But Clemson officials apparently figured out “no means no” after receiving lots of complaints, so they’re going to pull back on the training so they can withdraw some of the sex questions.

Maybe they realized show and tell in school is one thing, but kiss and tell is a whole ‘nuther story.