Grego gives viewer feedback

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It's Friday September 19 and that means time for Grego to give some viewer feedback:

"Spanish Fly says your closing comments about people getting their news from social media was spot on. I wish i had your job. Think the higher-ups will promote me to Grego assistant???"

"Bel trust and believe- I totally agree Grego.. spanking with a hand on, but not belts or switches. There are many ways to discipline without whuping as well."

"Sergio l. Garza - a belt or a switch is an acceptable tool to punish a child. The problem is people take it too far. Typically, a switch is something that will cause discomfort without breaking any skin, i.e. a thin twig that is hard enough to cause discomfort, but weak enough to break after one hit."

"A shout out to Honey Gilder- I really enjoy your segment and I think you have a great personality !!Keep up the great work!!"

"Shout out to miss Rosita and Christian Hernandez who say USA all the way!

"El Clavo- why don't we call ISIS something else? In no way are they islamic or a state. My suggestion is call them META- Middle East Terrorist Army. That's more true to what they are."