Hoping to get high on the corporate ladder?

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HOUSTON, Tx.  --The number of folks smoking pot is on the rise. Probably not a surprise given states like Colorado and Washington legalizing the wacky tobacky. What might surprise you, though, is where folks are lighting up.

Turns out the secret to your co-worker's success (or lack thereof) might be all rolled up. According to a survey by Mashable.com, 10% of Americans admit coming to work high as a kite.

"That's wrong," Houston resident Archie Kilings says, "Because you can mess up and do something wrong and hurt somebody or something."

And while the number of workers toking it up is on the rise, not everyone is ready to blame the increase on lax rules in Colorado and Washington.

"I think you should be responsible for your own judgement and your own decision making, not someone else's or another state," Vincent Barnes says.

But hey, if you think that's crazy, then chew this over: 50% of Americans confess coming to work hungover. If that's not a reason to be obnoxious first thing in the morning, then we don't know what is...