One-year-old survives being swept away in flood

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JOSHUA TREE, Ca. -- "We really thought that we lost him."

A California couple is breathing a sigh of relief after their one-year-old son Tristan survived being swept away in a flood that destroyed their home.

Ryan Scarcy,Tristan's mother, says, "We came around thinking we can break a window to get in and the whole wall was gone. His room was gone and he was nowhere to be found."

Baby Tristan traveled about 200 feet from his room past the barbed wire fence in their front yard.

Brian Bennett, Tristan's father, says, "My friend busted the living room window and came in through here and he pointed out and he's like dude your son's over there. So, I turned around and saw him and he peeked his head out of the mud. I ran out and picked him up."

Tristan had mud and water in his lungs along with some cuts and bruises, but he's expected to be okay. Meanwhile, the family lost everything in the flood, but thankfully not their most valued possession -- their son!