Swearing Barbie Outrages Mom after Dropping F-bomb

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What the F**k?! That’s what one English mom is accusing her daughter’s Barbie doll of blurting out.

Talina Evans, 25, couldn’t believe her ears when she heard her 7-yr-old daughter’s doll blurt out the four letter word.

The foul-mouthed Barbie is based on the web reality series Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse. The doll has several voice-activated buttons on her belt. You press the buttons and she sings about glitter and salons.

The Barbie also says 15 different phrases including:


“I love a makeover”

“There is no substitute for glitter”

“To the Salon”

And “What the F**k?!”

Word of Barbie’s potty mouth got back to Mattel, and they said that Talina is hearing things wrong.

"One of the 15 pre-recorded phrases is 'Off the Hook', this is a common expression used by the characters in the animated reality web series," said a spokeswoman.

"While the phrase may be heard differently by some who are not familiar with the show, all of Mattel's products are created for both children and parents to enjoy and trust."

Well, Talina swears her ears aren’t playing tricks on her. She took the doll away from her daughter and is refusing to let her play with it.

I listened to audio of the Barbie and really ya might as well call her Sailor Barbie, because she swears like one. Click here to listen for yourself.

Sounds like a party foul by Mattel. But I have to say this plastic is fantastic. Just goes to show you Barbie’s not perfect after all!

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