Tension mounts as iPhone 6 sales hit Houston

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HOUSTON, Tx. -- Did you get it? Did you brave the rain to get the new iPhone 6 or 6-plus? Verizon customers got it and more when tensions grew high for some.

"It`s not fair we waited in line."

"Please don`t make a scene."

While prices high for others but, who care’s?

"950 bucks per phone."

It’s an iPhone? Neither hell nor high water could keep H-town`s dedicated iPhoners away. Not on this day.

One customer says,  "I`m hoping it changes my life and brings me all sorts of possibilities in the future."

Another says, "It`s Apple it`s all about Apple you know."

One patron added, "That`s what it means to own an Apple phone. You have to go through the experience and part of the experience is standing in line."


So, one at a time they entered, dripping wet...full of anticipation to be satisfied only by feeling of unwrapping the newest apple product in their hands, to land so perfectly ultimately in their pockets.

All of this just to say. ”I got it first. We`ll see all you next year when we do all over again.