Wedding dress and rings saved from raging widlfire

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Weed, CA - As Roy Miller and Jaclynn Mitchell of northern California were preparing to race to the altar, the Boles wildfire raced through their home.
the groom-to-be scrambled to save what he could...

Jaclynn Mitchell says, "The wedding dress and the wedding rings, and he's like, 'Where are they at?' I was just kind of like, I don't know, they're in the spare room."

Miller already wins husband of the year, and he's not even married yet. He was able to grab three very special things -- their two rings and his bride-to-be's wedding dress.

And despite losing everything else, they haven't lost their love.

The wedding march will continue as planned this weekend.
For the couple, what matters most isn't in the ashes of the past, but in the promise of their future together.