Airline Passenger Shaming Takes Off on Social Media

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Passengers prepare for shaming. The skies have become not so friendly with people throwing their manners out the airplane window.

Former flight attendant Shawn Kathleen was so tired of seeing people’s rude behavior on flights that she created the Facebook and Instagram pages “Passenger Shaming”, showcasing photos of passengers behaving badly.

And just how bad are they? Pretty bad! We’re talking leaving dirty diapers in seat pockets. That is if they aren’t trying to potty train their kids in the middle of the aisle. Oh and forget dressing up for your flight, why not just go shirtless? Or maybe sock-less. Oh and make sure fellas you know what your packing. Gotta love the pics with their hands shoved down their pants.

Never mind what people are getting nailed doing! Seriously, no one wants to see you tend to your feet at 30,000 feet.

Surprisingly these aren’t the worst things Kathleen has encountered. “He caught his hair on fire in lavatory while smoking crack. And there was a gentleman treating his warts with Compound W.” Excuse me while I use my barf bag!

Listen people it’s bad enough that we’re stuck together in an enclosed space for hours and hours. It’s bad enough that we’re practically on each others laps with the ever-shrinking seating. And it’s bad enough that we have to listen to your entire life story, or your snoring, or maybe your screaming kid. But please don’t make matters any worse. Pack your P’s and Q’s; otherwise it’s going to be a bumpy flight. Rude and disgusting behavior should never fly!

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