New masked ISIS terrorist could be an American, analysts say

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WASHINGTON, DC – Another day, another installment in the continuing tales of terror from the Islamic State or ISIS. This time, a new character.

US intelligence analysts are trying to figure out if a new masked guy seen toward the end of the 55-minute video is an American or a Canadian or an Arab educated in the West.

As with the most recent ISIS videos, this one has battle scenes featuring enemy vehicles blowing apart. It also shows the masked militant and his brave terrorist pals shooting their unarmed Syrian captives in the back.

Meantime, more than 130,000 Syrian Kurds fled into Turkey from northern Syria over the weekend, chased from their homes, they say, by ISIS fighters intent on ethnic cleansing.

Their numbers add to the more than 800,000 Syrian refugees already in Turkey, most of them children.

In this country, the family of murdered American journalist Steven Sotloff continues to say the Obama Administration did little to help gain his release.

They’re also really unhappy with Senator John McCain (R-AZ) for meeting last year with Syrian rebels, the same ones, they say, who kidnapped Sotloff and sold him to ISIS. McCain and the White House say that’s not the case.

But that’s one of the problems facing the US and its allies: sometimes the enemy of your enemy turns out to be your enemy.