The hypocrisy of political correctness

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Grego sounds off on the hypocrisy of political correctness:

"I want to highlight an example of what I believe to be the height of hypocrisy.  College football Saturday ,I was watching the Clemson-Florida State game because FSU was giving me fits..  great football!  It occurred to me that with the recent focus on the Washington Redskins to change their name, as some say its offensive to Native Americans, how come there hasn't been one critical word uttered about the Florida State Seminoles??  Not so much their name but the fanfare at their games.. in particular this war chant and this tomahwk chopping going on in the stands by students and adults alike?  And they play the chant non-stop!  On Saturday. there were no Indians looking for scalps,  just fans on the warpath at a football game.  I'll tell why I think you haven't heard a word.. the Washington Redskins are big business, whose owner may not necessarily support the current administration. Therefore he has a target on his back.  Fair game!  Now, the minute the establishment attacks a university, the students, "the children", become victims and the accusers are heartless villans attacking innocents.  Ain't no body gonna roll the dice on that potential bad press! Assuming it's really about a name or action, offensive to Native Americans.. but it's not.. No, it's about business, politics and money and whose totem pole is bigger."