The most Googled brands by state might surprise you

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HOUSTON, Tx. -- Google us this...What are the most Googled brands oogled in Texas?

"For me it`s restaurants." said Billy Ford.
"Not much, I go directly to the sites I`m going to use." according to Tom Truver.

America's search histories were compiled by Direct Capital, and the answers, might be surprising.
In Texas, the number one search is Facebook.  Apparently, it hasn`t been around long enough for Texans to figure out what it is or how to get there.

"Most browsers have the ability to Google directly from the search bar and still people type in Google, and go to Google and search for Facebook." added Truver.

In some cases, searches are linked to companies that are based in those states like Home Depot in Georgia, or Anheuser-Busch in Missouri.
While other state's searches may suggest a state of mind. For example, in Oklahoma the top search is Skyy vodka, number two is v8, so we have the makings of a bloody mary. The thrid search doen't fiit in quite so well since it's Chevy and that sounds like an accident waiting to happen.

Back to Texas,  the number two query is Prego (the sauce), unless they meant to spell it with two g`s.
And the third most popular search is Levi`s. There are a bunch of cowboys down here, but do they really need to search for their jeans online? Or maybe they`re just a bunch of yahoos from Dallas!