What would you like for your last meal?

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HOXTON, England -- Ever wanted to eat like there`s no tomorrow?

A restaurant in Hoxton, England wants to bring that mentality to your dining experience.

Death Row Dinners invites you and your fellow inmates - that`s what they are calling diners- for a meal fit to be your last.
Ok don`t freak out, it`s just a restaurant with a prison motif.

But with planned décor like this, you got to wonder who will line up for a *chair*!
And it made us think about legitimate last meals....

Crazy cannibal Jeffery Dahmer had a hard-boiled egg, toast, cereal, and a good old cup of joe.

Mass murderer Ted Bundy had a steak, medium-rare.

I guess you don`t have to watch your figure if it`s your last night on earth.

With that in mind, what might you order for your last meal?

Some people in Houston gave their thoughts:

"I'd want a lobster, haha I just enjoy lobster."

"Octopus just because you know I'd like to try something new before I died, and probably ice cream. So octopus and ice cream... yep!"

"Probably some gumbo, and probably some barbeque Whoa, chili beans and rice, chicken!)

Wow, all that? That sounds like a Texas-sized feast.

We just wanted to *inject* that all this morbid talk about last meals takes our appetite away!