A new song for Paul McCartney’s war on meat

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HOUSTON, Tx. - It's a revolution, a British invasion or something!  Former Beatle and outspoken vegetarian Paul McCartney has joined the cause "Meat Free Monday" to help save the world.

The former mop top released a new music video featuring healthy, smiley veggie-lovers from all over the world.  His goal: to raise awareness for the health and environmental impacts of eating too much meat.

According to the Meat Free Monday campaign, cutting the consumption of meat, helps reduce the emission of livestock-caused greenhouse gasses, slowing down the polar ice thaw.  But, apparently, it also has benefits for your body.

"The bottom line when it comes to eating meat is a well balanced diet." explained Shreela Sharma, Associate Professor at UT Health.  "So, you need meat because it's a good source of protein, but there are certain kinds of meats -for example, red meats- that have been associated with higher risks of cardiovascular disease, certain types of cancers and such."

Sir Paul says we can work it out.  Because, in the end: it's our planet and our health.  Although, not everybody agrees with him:

"He needs to go back to when he was lean and hungry." said Jim Thompson, a Houston carnivore.  "I'm sure he got a lot of burgers and stuff on the road."

So, let it be.

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