Dress codes changing to allow for more ink

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Grego sounds off on getting inked and how companies are relaxing their dress codes to accomodate tattoos:

"Embracing the 'new' era of 'employees' sporting body art, some corporations are considering changing their dress codes. Finally 'employing' the 'old' cliche 'It's what's on the inside that counts.' There are still a few corporate stiffs around who feel superior because you're pierced and tatted up and they're not, probably the same folks who go to church on Sunday, but actually worship money! Alex I'll take barbells in the nipples over superficial phonies for a hundred! Yes, times they are a changing! Shiney happy people, have gotten surgically stuck and inky and we're taking over! An exaggeration, but as ridiculous as body art still being an issue! The u.s. military has done "half an about face" on rules it announced last March on hairstyles and partly on tattoos.. I'm not much of a hair afficionado so staying with the theme.. they threw out the part of the tattoo rule that banned marked soldiers from being considered for officers positions.. and you still can't wear tattoos that are extremist, indecent, racist, or sexist or on ears, eyelids, face, head, and mouth and no arm and leg 'sleeve' tattoos. The military's concerned about looking professional, but I think our soldiers should be the scariest looking killing-machines possible.. piercings, fangs, giant-fly eyes, pig noses and tentacles maybe! Yeah, with little mouths on the ends full of razor sharp teeth! Scare the hell out of the enemy! And a tattoo is a good start."


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